Project Proposal


The main objective of the project is to set up a local Jewish radio station on a non-profit basis with the aim to provide an overall communication channel for the Hungarian Jewry. The radio will project a new approach in terms of anti Semitism, the state of Israel and Judaism. It will influence the Hungarian public opinion by means of unbiased reportage and provide a framework of reference for its audience. At the same time it will express the unique voice of Hungarian Jews.

At the moment there is no local radio station that would cater for the Hungarian Jewry. After the collapse of the communist regime a great number of Jewish institutions sprouted in an amazingly short period of time . But they are not quite interconnected and since that do not reach their target group with the efficiency they could have done had they have access to various communicational channels. The news and general information that form the public opinion by the Hungarian mass media is biased and often hostile.
The planned local Jewish radio station (from now on: Radio ZS ) aims at

a. connecting the various Jewish organizations in Hungary (loose umbrella organizational framework)

b. providing a channel of information about Israel for its target audience in an involved but unbiased manner

c. generating the formative positive Jewish identity of Hungarian background

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  1. Lyon

    send me some business proposal that you used, i want to start my own radio station