Have you taken a walk in the Jewish quarter recently? Can you see what is happening? Do you understand what is happening? Is it happening for you?

As a by-product of the rehabilitation process that cannot be deferred, the physical basis of the Jewish cultural heritage will be destroyed once and for all. Not simply run-down and dilapidated houses are being bulldozed here but the last traces of Jewish tradition are being destroyed through spontaneous population exchange and by cynical political recklessness. The Jewish quarter is being transformed, by leaps and bounds, into a crowded, characterless bedroom suburb where nothing but several memorial plates beside the aimlessly towering synagogues will keep the memory of Jews once dwelling here. On top of the ruins, however, 21st-century Jewish subculture grows in the wild. The nation of the ruin pubs has a huge farewell party before the last uninhabited tenement block giving home to a ruin pub is demolished.

Shofar Association is initiating a petition in order to revive at least a tiny area of the Jewish quarter: the old Pest Jewish Triangle bordered by the three large synagogues. Let us give a chance to young people and this spontaneous alternative Jewish culture to revitalise the neighbourhood where once our parents and grandparents were living, loving, working and having fun. As a last chance, it might still be realised on the basis of the Kosher neighbourhood

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