The independent Jewish news portal has been active since June 2003. Due to our uniquely developed technology we present a huge quantity of information to our visitors in a carefully systematized way on many tens of thousand (!) pages.

Up-to-minute. Our JNA24 media observer grinds out the news of the Hungarian language media related to Jewry and Israel in 24 hours a day. Our calendar of events – beyond religious information – covers all Jewish-related events in the country. At every daybreak we send our newsletter full up with the latest news, information and programme offers to many hundreds of addresses.

Comprehensive. Our reading room, lexicon and encyclopaedia are inexhaustible sources of background information, books, essays and historical documents. Just to name a few: Jewish quarter dossier, Jewish minority dossier, all anti-Jewish law since 1796 , or the book ‘The Jewish State’ by Herzl. Dozens of photo albums have been arranged in our Gallery on an ongoing basis. Our Compass is an unparalleled starting point to Hungarian and foreign websites dealing with Jewish issues.

Personal. Our registered members write Internet diaries (blogs), exchange private letters and freely discuss topics in our Forum.

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