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Welcome to HalfJew.com, a site devoted establishing an identity for HalfJews.

A Half-Jew is someone who has one Jewish parent, and one non-Jewish parent. This is the simple answer to a complicated question: now it gets harder. According to halacha (the legal part of the Talmud), a Half-Jew doesn?t exist because a Jew must have a Jewish mother, or must have converted. So, conventional Jewish wisdom has long held, either you are a Jew (if your mom is, or you converted), or you aren?t. A Half-Jew, well, that just hasn?t been an option. Now, times do, of course, change. Some strains of Judaism (Reform, for instance) have altered their rules, and now say a Jew need only have a Jewish parent and upbringing. Still, an identity that acknowledges both the Jewish and the non-Jewish sides has not been well-explored?until now.

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