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Kol Israel

Kol Israel, the Voice of Israel, has a number of news sources and broadcasts available on their web site.

Internet Resources for Israel

The links on this page provide a basic set of web resources on Israel's history and the current issues with Palestinian Arabs. Although the Internet/Web is full of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel informatio

Truth in the Middle-East - Webring

This ring includes sites that explain the truth in events occurring today Israel and the Palestinian territories. Arab media often distorts events and uses propaganda to intensify hate for Jews and Is

Izraeli Külügyminisztérium

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tovia Singer Show

The Tovia Singer Show is one of the most provocative, honest and enlightening radio shows in the Jewish world. Each week, extraordinary personalities are invited on the show providing key insights which unravel complex Jewish issues. Past guests have included Lecturer Dennis Prager, Mid-East expert Daniel Pipes, Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and many other distinguished guests


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Az Izraeli Hadsereg portálja

Israel Defense Forces