Rádió Zs portál

Radio Zs – the Jewish community radio

Radio Zs is the first Hungarian language Jewish community radio which has been broadcasting its pilot program on Internet since October 2003. Radio Zs is an unprecedented new non-profit, self-organised and organic media. We have listeners all over the world; several hundreds of people listen to our programs every day.

Our 168 hours/week program with its flexible program structure enables any Jewish organisation, institute, community or media to autonomously introduce themselves to the others an to the general public.

Technical background or the radio is provided by the Shofar Association using its own resources without any outside support. The radio transmits its program through the web with an automatic schedule in 24 hours a day; hopefully, in the future ground based broadcast will also be possible.

Thanks to our technical background it is possible to listen to our broadcast on any computer in the world with Internet access and sound card or even on modern PDAs and mobile phones. In any part of the Earth ground based or satellite stations may be connected to the system, therefore it will be possible to receive our program on traditional and satellite receivers as well.

Hungarian Jewish Community Radio Project - Proposal Jan 16, 2004

The main objective of the project is to set up a local Jewish radio station on a non-profit basis with the aim to provide an overall communication channel for the Hungarian Jewry. The radio will project a new approach in terms of anti Semitism, the state of Israel and Judaism. It will influence the Hungarian public opinion by means of unbiased reportage and provide a framework of reference for its audience. At the same time it will express the unique voice of Hungarian Jews.

Radio Zs developments

My Dear Friend,

I would like to inform you about the latest developments of setting up Radio Zs, the first Hungarian language Jewish radio station. Our current transmission is a pilot model, put together mainly by me in order to demonstrate in practice that it is possible to establish a Hungarian Jewish Radio for the very first time.

MTI Communication and intro letter

A Jewish radio station was started in Budapest on December 1, 2003. ?Radio Zs" [d?e?] launched by Hungarian Shofar Association provides 24-hour broadcast in the Hungarian Internet World Radio (Magyar Internet Világrádió) network. ?Radio Zs" is an open, self-organized and non-profit initiative providing free program time for all Jewish organizations, communities and institutions active in Hungary.